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what is life force energy?

By April 7, 2022No Comments

So what is this life force energy that we’re talking about in reiki healing?

It’s not nearly as esoteric as you may think. In fact, it surrounds us all and embraces us—an invisible energy around us much like the air we breathe and yes just as real and vital to our wellbeing.

Yet it can be difficult for people to entertain, let alone grasp, the concept of this invisible field.

Life force energy was known to the Egyptians as Aka, Prana to the Hindu, and Qi to the Chinese. It’s also referred to as chi and ki and all of these rich cultural traditions have their own take as to how this spirit energy makes, breaks or affects a person.

It is the life force that is the basis and animating power for the universe and everything in it. Every living thing, every object, everything in nature has it’s own life force. It surrounds us, permeates us, sustains us, and connects us to all things.

It’s like the ocean, with each of us like a drop of water—-part of the ocean and yet at the same time separate.

Life force energy is the energy of your being within your energy bodies and the energy within your aura, chakras, meridian, kundalini etc. The life force energy sustains you energetically and is a vital aspect of who you are as an energy being and how how feel, your ability to create, manifest and have a fulfilled, healthy and happy life.

Your life force energy is integral to who you are as an energy being. It is instrumental in how you feel, perceive, and interact with the world around you. A well-maintained life force is essential!

Healthy life force energy flows sustainably and effectively within all of your energy bodies. Sustained life force flow is essential as this may prevent blockages and ensure your vibration is high.

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